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    Author Glenn Ritt

    Glenn has been a reporter, editor and publisher for 40 years. He began as a Washington correspondent and devoted most of his career to newspaper editing, capped as executive editor of The Bergen Record in the New Jersey suburbs of New York City.

    He also developed Northjersey.com.

    In 2000, he quit corporate life and moved to Cape Cod, where he became a weekly publisher followed by founding his own publishing company that included five magazines and several web platforms including capecodmuseumtrail.com

    Despite writing and editing thousands of stories, he never could quite find the gumption of authoring his own book. During the pandemic, he sat down to toy with a memoir based on his experience as a young man in Paris.

    Soon, however, it evolved into a novel with a third voice. Once he invented several characters, he marveled at how they commanded the narrative. He chose to go along with their stories. 

    The result - A Cafe in Paris. 

    An ode to the city he loves. A coming of age story. Part romance. Part mystery. 

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